Saturday, August 06, 2016

glass eye

hello there

every now and then it can, look you see, be quite the challenge to throw something together here that if isn't quite interesting then at least doesn't upset too many people. mostly something happens that i feel is worth writing about; at times, though, one finds themselves with absolutely nothing better to do that post images of obscure footage of Sammy Davis jnr from the early 70s.

that's Sammy accepting, both wisely and as many other noted people have done, many, many dollars in coins of money to promote whisky in Japan. the full video will be below, but if you are in a rush you can have a watch of it over on that you tube thing by clicking here, enjoy.

is this going to all be some sort of tribute post to Sammy, some 26 years and a few months after he passed away? not really, i just happened to stumble on some video footage of him and, well, here we are.

that there above is a still image of Sammy doing one of his smart faces in something called Poor Devil. it was one of them "pilot" shows that never got made into a full series. that's something which happens to a lot of pilots, alas. what was this one about? a situation comedy about the comical topic of satanism, i believe. him off of Dracula, Christopher thingie, was in it too. but i didn't find any whisky adverts off of Japan from the 70s with him in.

speaking of which, here you go, for those of you that don't trust that you tube stuff, here's the Japanese whisky video.

will i be uploading the video of that Poor Devil show? no. it's about an hour long, and so would be irritating or distracting to have here for most of my readership. actually, as far as i know, most of my readership can't actually view video here, as their browser on their chosen device simply doesn't support it.

you will, then, simply have to go to that you tube thing to see Poor Devil, and clicking these words right here will take you to the video of it.

is it worth having a look? yes, if you are a fan of Sammy, Christopher Lee, the non-Batman roles of Adam West, the comic side of satanism or sensational clothes. here, in respect of the latter, look, you see.....

i'm not expert in fashion but, well, actually now that i think about it i am, so i will say quite categorically that the suit Sammy has on there is a shade known as "impossible red". it's a shade what only existed for suits made for Sammy, and no one else is allowed to wear the same shade of red, ever. except i think that one shirt i have looks more or less the same. boss medallion and jacket the bloke next to him has on.

would i consider myself as a big Sammy fan? not really. i mean, he was boss in both Cannonball Run films, and that song Candy Man what they used in Madagascar was smart. other than that, all i know is that he was good makes / drinking buddies with Dean Martin and Mr Sinatra. he's ok in my books, mind, but i wouldn't claim to be a fan as i don't know all that much about him.

anyway, if you happen to be a fan of Sammy, be it in a casual passing capacity or an avid one or somewhere in between, and this has all been of some interest to you, well then that's just great, man.

right, then, more at a later stage.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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