Sunday, August 28, 2016

making an offer you cannot use


yes, yes this is a gripe about the pathetic state of public transport up in my part of the world. if you have no interest, and look you see i blame you not if you do not, now would be a good time to depart.

i used to love taking the bus to and from verk. this was before Arriva, which is apparently foreign for the term "not fit for purpose", messed with the timetable so much that it was unusable. i live in an area which gets one bus an hour. and, the time of that one bus is as awkward as possible.

as a result of my previous use of them, i am on their mailing list. this means i get specials sent to me. like, for instance, this one right here.

two for one travel on the buses sounds pretty awesome, doesn't it? that's because it is, really. the sad thing about this amazing special is that my area - like so very many others - could not for the most part make use of it.

why not? well, as you can see, it's a "bank holiday weekend" special deal. which is great, unless you live in an area where Arriva have gone out of their way to make sure that no buses run on sundays or public holidays. so, then, i could have made use of this special offer, but only for 33% of the time it was available.

whilst i appreciate Jeremy Corbyn's recent efforts to illustrate the need to renationalise public transport, i remain as baffled as anyone as to why he felt the need to fake a story to do so. there are plenty of real life reasons and depressing examples to show what an utter mess the private sector has made of it all.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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